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Fort Bliss captures ‘Best Scout Squad’ competition

(FORT BENNING, Ga) – The Maneuver Center hosts a Scouts-in-Action live-fire demonstration to kick off the 2017 Gainey Cup on May 1, 2017, at Red Cloud Range. The live-fire demonstrates the vehicle platforms and lethal capabilities that scout squads bring to the battlefield. (Photos by Markeith Horace/MCoE PAO Photographer)

  By Christopher J. Warner, MCoE Public Affairs FORT BENNING, Ga. – The 2017 Gainey Cup Best Scout Squad competition concluded May 5 after four-days of grueling competition. The top five teams are as follows: 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place Team 11 from the Royal Netherlands Army’s 104th Reconnaissance claimed fourth place. 5th Place Team 7 from

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2017 Gainey Cup – Day – Standings – Day TWO

By Chris Warner, MCoE PAO / FORT BENNING, Ga. – The Best Scout Squad Competition has wrapped up day two of the competition. Day two began at 4:30 a.m. on Harmony Church. The scout squads have completed in a grueling day of technical and tactical events that challenged them physically and mentally. The current standings are as follows: Updates courtesy of

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