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Vaccines Aren’t Just for Babies!

Syringe with vaccine

By Pamela Kirkland, West Central Health District Columbus Health Department / August is National Immunization Awareness Month, and your local Health Department provides vaccines for every stage of your life. “Immunizations are the number one way to fight vaccine-preventable diseases,” said Cathy Henderson, RN, District Immunization Coordinator. “Most of us are focused on children’s immunizations during the back-to-school season, but

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Conjunctivitis outbreak limited to Fort Benning’s training population

An illustration of an eye with an infected conjunctiva.

By Reginald Rogers, Martin Army Community Hospital PAO / With a recent outbreak of conjunctivitis, health officials at Fort Benning are urging the community to take proper precautions to ensure this infection does not spread further throughout the community. Conjunctivitis, or “pink eye,” as it is commonly called, is a highly contagious condition that causes irritation of the conjunctiva, the

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Health is Wealth

community helath promotion council logo

MCoE Community Health Promotion Office / Myth: Never eat Red-coded items. Fact: Go for Green(r) does not suggest that you eliminate Red-coded foods. In fact, eating Red-coded foods and beverages in small amounts or occasionally will not degrade performance significantly. Go for Green(r) encourages you to eat fewer Red-coded foods, whatever dietary pattern you start from. Myth: You should only

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