Maneuver Warfighter Conference set to include distinguished guests, focus on Cross-Domain Maneuvers

The Maneuver Warfighter Conference morning sessions and afternoon working groups are scheduled to take place at McGinnis-Wickam Hall Jan. 8 through 11. File photo of overflight of McGinnis-Wickam Hall. (U.S. Army photo by Patrick A. Albright, Maneuver Center of Excellence, Fort Benning Public Affairs)

By Megan Garcia, Maneuver Center of Excellence and Fort Benning Public Affairs


FORT BENNING, Ga. (Jan. 8, 2018) – The Maneuver Warfighter Conference, an annual conference hosted by the Maneuver Center of Excellence here at McGinnis-Wickham Hall, is scheduled to take place Jan. 8 through 11.

This year’s conference theme, Cross-Domain Maneuver, will focus on developing a common vision to adapt the maneuver force for the current and future operating environment by creating a synergy with capabilities employed across all domains of the battlefield – land, air, sea, space and cyberspace.

“How and where we fight our wars has changed over time,” Wesley said. “Our adversaries studied our tactics and are adapting. Peers will now contest us in all domains, and we do not have assured overmatch in each. Therefore, success on future battlefields requires that we fight differently, advance technology, evolve our concepts and modernize formations.”

Speakers and panelists from Forces Command, Training and Doctrine Command, Cyber Command, U.S. Army Pacific, U.S. Army Europe, Army Infantry School, 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade, and more will cover various topics ranging from current operations and their implications to an overview of the future operational environment, and cyber / electromagnetic spectrum capabilities at the brigade combat team level to next-generation combat vehicle cross-functional team during the morning sessions.

“We have some fantastic speakers at this year’s conference who have a wealth of knowledge and experience,” Wesley said. “They are some of the Army’s finest leaders and I am certain they will provide insight on the array of topics we will cover.”

Breakout sessions in the afternoon will also cover an array of topics including marksmanship, training and leader development, and Security Force Assistance Brigade, to name a few. Overall, Wesley hopes attendees will leave this year’s conference more knowledgeable.

“We must remain intellectually adaptive,” Wesley said. “MCOE’s focus is to propose a modernization strategy driven by peer threats. This is not about re-capitalizing the Army we grew up with; it’s not about a nostalgic re-building of the Army we knew in the past. This is about building a force that can conduct cross-domain maneuver in the future operational environment that is far more complex and far more lethal. Unfortunately, the future is now, and we have work to do.”

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