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Military Police Receive Rare Drug Suppression Training

Police cars parked in front of the Department of Emergency Services. (Photos by Gerald Williams)
By Courtney Woody, Fort Benning Maneuver Center of Excellence Public Affairs /

Agents of the 3rd Military Police group held drug suppression field training exercises on Fort Benning to promote readiness in law enforcement operations. These 50 soldiers from Forts Campbell, Polk, Benning, Bragg and Leonard Wood provide mission support and function as the Army’s criminal investigation element.  Responsible for the physical rigors of drug suppression as well as investigative tasks, these federal officers make use of training opportunities like these to sharpen their mettle.


Veteran officers conducting the training event, bridge the civilian world of law enforcement with the military, protecting soldiers in peacetime, combat and contingency operations throughout the group’s area of operations.


‘’So, what we’re looking for primarily, we’re looking for communication.” said Lt. Col. George Kissel, Observer-Controller/Trainer, 3rd Criminal Investigation Division. “We’re looking for them to be able to work as a team together. We’re looking for weapon handling and retention, and lastly, of course, we’re looking for proper handcuffing techniques.”


As an observer-controller with 31 years military and law enforcement experience, Lt. Col. Kissel demonstrates changes in tactics and tests agents’ training in real-time scenarios. These strategies increase efficiency and tactical efforts of teams assigned to posts and commands from CENTCOM to AFRICOM.


“Besides just increasing their readiness and their effectiveness to operate as a team, it also enhances the effectiveness of their tactics.” said Lt. Col. Will McKannay, Fort Benning C.I.D. Commander


Combined situational training exercises like these punctuate the Army’s commitment to mission readiness and provide safety and security for soldiers and their families.

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