By CH (Cpt.) Myron Byles, 1st Squadron, 16th Cavalry Regiment, 316 CAV BDE /

FORT BENNING, Ga – Most people say that life is “Better at Benning.” The statement is true for a lot of parents across Fort Benning. Most of the children are back in the classrooms now. Parents across the installation are sending their children off to school each morning. For some parents, the task is bittersweet. This could be the first time a parent is away from their child for an extended period. A lot of faith and trust must be extended to unknown teachers and unknown bus drivers each day. Parents must let go of their child’s hands and allow school officials to pour knowledge into the hearts and minds of their children.

It is scary business trying to think about what all can go wrong on an early bus ride to school and a late bus ride home. Parents can choose to fear the unknown or trust that all will be well. Every single day we have a choice to make about how we will picture our day. It is healthier to live a life of faith and trust. We serve a God who has been protecting us since our creation. He spoke us into existence and then gave us a specific purpose for us being created.

There is nothing too hard for our Creator. “No Thing” existed outside of Him and “No Thing” existed before Him. This gives us the assurance that God truly has the whole world in the palm of his hands.


Remember Fort Benning, your child goes to school with a backpack on each day. The backpack is used to keep all the material the child will need for a day or even throughout the course of a week. Without the backpack, children will not be prepared for the assignments given by his or her teachers. The load would be too heavy to carry and something could easily come up missing. Majority of the kids will feel out of place without their gear. We should be reminded to pray for our Children, Soldiers, and Country each morning when we see the backpack on our children. We should automatically extend trust to God and give thanks for having our backs when facing the unknowns of this world. Make sure your back is packed with the spiritual tools, then you will be able to say that life is “Better at Benning.”


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