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Bradley Master Gunner live fire training exercise

By Shan Ogletree, Fort Benning Maneuver Center of Excellence Public Affairs /

FORT BENNING, Ga – Bradley Master Gunner students conducted a live fire training exercise at Carmouche Range on Fort Benning.  As part of the Program of Instruction under 1st Battalion, 29th Infantry Regiment, students must successfully demonstrate tactical fundamentals in lethal fires and maintenance procedures taught in the classroom.


They worked in crews, and each soldier had their own responsibility.  “All the students out here (are) acting in all the roles that will make a range function,” said Staff Sgt. Damen McDermott.  “From a Master Gunner to a  Officer In Charge/Range Safety Officer.”


To possess the credential of a Bradley Master Gunner, a soldier must successfully master the skills of lethally engaging a target while advancing through terrain.  Using the 7.62 coax machine gun and the 25 mm Chain Gun cannon, students prepare to fire.


Under the world class instruction of the 1-29 cadre, students will acquire the education to serve as the Bradley Master Gunner, improving the lethality of the Army.  “The reason I inspire to be a master gunner for the Army,” said McDermott.  “Is because we’ll learn how to be subject matter experts on these platforms and these weapon systems.”  He said,  “We’ll be able to go back to our units and be a different level of leadership, not just at the direct level but at the organizational level.”


The Bradley vehicle is designed to transport infantry with armor protection, while providing covering fire to suppress enemy troops and armored vehicles.

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