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Future Leaders Conduct Live Fire Exercise


By Courtney Woody, Fort Benning Maneuver Center of Excellence Public Affairs /

FORT BENNING, Ga – Students from the Infantry Basic Officer Leader Course participated in a live fire training exercise on Gallaway Range in order to master the fundamentals. Communication, movement and marksmanship skills are vital for this phase of the Course.  Sgt. 1st Class Eddie Barba said, ”This phase we focus on

, so we take students all the way from individual weapons qualification and familiarization and we take them from there through a series of maneuver live fire exercises. So today they’re out here demonstrating that they understand how to maneuver an infantry platoon, basically by using and synchronizing all their assets in time and space..”

Team leaders were instructed before and given feedback after each iteration of the exercise and evaluated based on how and when they achieved their objective. Based on real time information, the students adjusted to the  training challenges and proved adaptable and tactically competent.

Overall, the students of the 2nd Battalion, 11th infantry regiment proved they mastered their sixth week of IBOLC training as proficient combined arms maneuver soldiers.

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