Abrams Master Gunner Training

By Shan Ogletree, Fort Benning Maneuver Center of Excellence Public Affairs / (FORT BENNING, Ga.)

1st Battalion, 29th Infantry Regiment is home to the Army’s Abrams Master Gunner training. In this Program of Instruction, students are trained in advanced gunnery, weapons systems maintenance, and gunnery training management.


The course begins with three weeks of classroom instructions, covering subjects such as gun tube technology and fire controls systems.  One instructor prepares his students for real life combat by engaging their imaginations in the classroom.  “The student got to prepare their scenario in a classroom environment,” said Master Sgt. Johnathan Dickey, Abrams Master Gunner Branch Chief.  “And then, we’re out here today actually conducting that scenario with support from 1-16 Cav.”


On day two of the Range Week, students are expected to validate all of their range skills during the training before becoming a Master Gunner. From inspecting ammunition on the ammo pad to bore sighting the tank correctly. Students shot a Gunnery Table 5 Modified.  They used a mixture of 7.62 coax machine gun and the 120 mm smothbore cannon.


Abrams Master Gunner Training is offered four times per year. Once a soldier graduates from this course, the skills and knowledge they have acquired will allow them to return to their units and function as the unit’s master of gunnery.

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