2017 Ranger Hall of Fame

By Nate Snook, MCoE PAO / (FORT BENNING, Ga.)

The Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade and the 75th Ranger Regiment held the 2017 Ranger Hall of Fame induction ceremony Wednesday at the Maneuver Center of Excellence, McGinnis-Wickam Hall, in Marshall Auditorium.

The Rangers honored are:  Sgt. Maj. Tyrone J. Adderly, Command Sgt.Maj. Frank G. Ashe, 1st Sgt. Herbert M. Baugh, 1st Sgt. Ronald W. Grenier, Master Sgt. Gilbert H. Howland, Staff Sgt. Ronnie N. Imel, Command Sgt.Maj. Richard C. Lamb, Maj. Larry D. Moores, Brig. Gen. James C. Nixon, Lt. (USN) Thomas R. Norris, Master Sgt. Leroy A. Petry, 1st Sgt. Michael J. Ramsey, Sgt Maj. John W. Roy, Chaplain Jeffery D. Struecker, Command Sgt.Maj. Charles W. Thompson, Lt. Gen. John R. Vines, and Command Sgt.Maj. Matthew C. Walker.


The inductees expressed how the regiment contributed to their lives as much as their service meant to the country.


“It’s a rite of passage for young men. I know here in this country we really don’t have those unique characteristics that many foreign nations have in terms of the rite of passage for men. Ranger School offered me that, and gave me that opportunity to discover myself, and along the way I discovered some very important things from some very important leaders.” – Sgt. Maj. Tyrone J. Adderly




“Any success I may have had, has been because of the great subordinates I’ve had the privilege to lead, train and take care of…Their courage, commitment and loyalty have always been an inspiration to me. The peers I was fortunate to serve alongside who I could look to and try to emulate, they made the tough times tolerable and the good times great. And the leaders I was so lucky to have had in the Regiment, they always led by example and never compromised…They are heroes and I hope that during my time in the Regiment, and the ARMY there were occasions where at least , a little bit as good as they were…” – Command Sgt. Maj. Frank G. Ashe


“I had two of the best jobs in the ARMY…I got to lead Rangers, and I got to train Rangers and I’m gonna tell you, it doesn’t get any better than that. I always chose to serve with the best and that’s why I’m here and I want to thank you.” -1st Sgt. Herbert M. Baugh






“When I came into the service, I had an angel over my shoulder, and he’s been with me over 27 years.. his name is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was in my corner more than I was in his… When I was in the fight game, you have a trainer, a cut man and a manager…Of course the manager is running around thinking you’re gonna lose the fight he’s gonna empty his pockets so he thinks he’s gonna go broke. The cut man is ready to do what the trainer tells him to do…The trainer watches the opponent, not you, he tells you what you’re doing wrong, and when you get to the first round, he tells you and advises you on what you’re your enemy is doing to you.. That’s what Jesus Christ does to you..” 1st Sgt. Ronald W. Grenier



“I will never forget the men I’ve served with in Burma, and what we went through together. After the war I was discharged, but reenlisted and served almost 30 years in the ARMY including combat in Korea and Vietnam, nothing close to what we did as ‘Merrill’s Marauder’s’ in Burma. I am proud that the 75th Ranger regiment has recognized ‘Merrill’s Marauder’s’ as their legacy unit, all of us have served in the military are family. By the way, we’re all brothers. -Master Sgt. Gilbert H. Howland



‘I think the lesson I’d like to tell future leaders or junior leaders, is the great privilege of commanding or leading the quality of Rangers can’t be exaggerated. You’ll look back for the rest of your life and be amazed at the quality of people that you had the chance to lead so enjoy it while you’re leading them.” -Chaplain Jeff Streucker






“The Ranger regiment is a unique place…it’s a place where people that think they’re really good, go to see where they stack up, and when they get there, they find that they’re elevated…that their game gets elevated because to the people around them, and it’s tied a lot to the Ranger creed. You learn it, you recite it every day, you internalize it, and then you spend the rest of your life trying to live up to it ” – Brig. Gen. James C. Nixon


“As you can see, I wasn’t a member of the Army… When SEAL teams were first formed, the Navy had nowhere to train us. The ARMY was gracious enough to open it’s doors and allow us to join them in all their training programs, and I was selected to go through a number of them, but particularly, the ARMY Ranger program. The training was incredible, the instructor staff was amazing…and all they expected was that you carry out their code and their values in your military career.. I hope I’ve done that…” – Lt. Thomas R. Morris (US Navy)


The leaders, mentors and Rangers I had the honor to serve with all own a piece of this medal around my neck and I think each and every one of you. The unbreakable bonds built through hardships, starting with my buddy Jeff Kurasik(sic) in 1982 , are as strong today as they’ve ever been. I deployed to Grenada as a young private, and learned very quickly the true meaning of ‘the brotherhood’. Never once did I have to wonder what was happening on my right and left, and I always look at that experience in Charlie Company, 1st Ranger Battalion, as a foundation for the rest of my career. – Major Larry D. Moores


“I would like to thank you , for taking a wild eyed kid and having the patience to focus him toward more productive ends. You taught me what right looks like, you kept me out of jail, you taught me that the Ranger creed was more than just words, but it was something to live by, something to aspire to and I thank you so much, I can’t repay you guys for that…’’ – Command Sgt. Maj. Richard C. Lamb



“I love our military, I love the men that step forward and do the job. I love what they stand for and I’ve been so proud to be a US ARMY Ranger….I spent my first year basic training, AIT , Jump School, NCO school, Ranger School , mostly all right here at FORT Benning… so when I look at all these men not only here, offered up as Rangers to you that have spent a lifetime in the Ranger corps, I’m so humbled.” – SSG Ronnie Imel




Since 1992, the Ranger Hall of Fame has recognized the contributions of America’s most extraordinary Rangers.  The Ranger Hall of Fame honors and preserves the spirit of America’s finest Soldiers.

Inductees are selected impartially from Ranger units and associations, and represent each era of Ranger history.   To be eligible for nomination, a Soldier must be a successful graduate of the U.S. Army Ranger School; be deceased or separated or retired from active military service for at least three years, and he must have served in a Ranger unit in combat.

Photos and citations of the inductees will be preserved and displayed in the Ranger Hall of Fame located at the Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade headquarters in Harmony Church.


RHOF Program 2017

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  1. Perry J. Gore Jr.

    1SG Baugh, I want to congratulate you on being chosen for the RHOF! From the first time I met you at Fort Drum, New York I admired you for your professionalism and integrity. As my First Sergeant in HHC 2nd Bn, 22nd Infantry you were an inspiration to me as a Platoon Sergeant, as well as all the members of my 81mm Mortar Platoon. We all considered you to be the epitome of a soldier, a leader, and a noncommissioned officer. I served with the Triple Deuce from 86-90 and rounded out my tour as the HHC First Sergeant after you left to head the divisions Air Assault School. I attribute my success as a First Sergeant to the outstanding example you set for me as my First Sergeant, and I thank you for that. I applaud your selection as a member of this elite group of soldiers and I salute you for being a soldiers soldier throughout your career!

    SGM Perry J. Gore Jr, US Army Retired

  2. Congradulations 1st Sgt Ronald Grenier. You may or may not remember me, it was 1989, but I’ll never forget you. You inspired me to be a better stronger man. I was an unlikely candidate for you to target. (I was Commo. 31k), but I was from Rhode Island and you were loyal to your hometown of Newport. So you never let up on me.
    “Hey Rhody, get ta running!”
    I liked it!

    You look great and Im very happy for you. Bore Brother Bore (Mighty Mighty Gimlets)

    Teach my kids your cadence!
    Three star K bar

    Thank you 1st Sgt Grenier

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