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Gen. Perkins Addresses Young Leaders at Fort Benning

By Shan Ogletree, Fort Benning Maneuver Center of Excellence Public Affairs / (FORT BENNING, Ga.) General David Perkins visited the maneuver Center of excellence recently to speak to Captains and Lieutenants.  As the commanding general of Army Training and Doctrine Command, he took the opportunity to inform rising leaders about TRADOC.

Perkins’ presentation covered the purpose of TRADOC and the Army Capabilities Integration Center. “What ARCIC does within TRADOC is we describe the operating environment” said Perkins. “We do an  Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield on the world 20 years out.  And then we determine what are the first order capabilities of the United States Army to solve those problems.”

Aside from explaining the IPB, Perkins emphasized to rising leaders the importance of understanding purpose. “One of the reasons that people don’t get a lot done is that they don’t know what they are for so they don’t know what to do so they just do what’s on their list,” said Perkins.

TRADOC’s purpose is to design, acquire, build, and constantly improve the United States Army. The Army established TRADOC in 1973 when leaders wanted to make adjustments transitioning from Vietnam to the Soviet Union.  Perkins shared with officers why TRADOC came to be. “To constantly change the Army; not run the Army.  Now, we do a lot of things.  We run this training or all that.  But, what we’re for is to change the Army,” said Perkins.

TRADOC changes the status quo of the Army. General Perkins accomplishes that by engaging future leaders and changing how they view their jobs. Perkins pointed out that with Command Control, soldiers just follow orders. But understanding Mission Command inspires soldiers to carry out directives. “The way you drive your soldiers and noncommission officers is through the process of understanding, visualize, describe, direct, lead and assess,” said Perkins

Perkins concluded by calling Officers stewards of the Army profession while encouraging them to continue to build on the foundation of a 242 year old organization. “We’re not betting on the next tank or the next rifle or the next doctrine or anything like that.  It will be good enough.  What we’re betting on is you,” said Perkins.

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