2017 Gainey Cup – Standings – Day THREE

By Chris Warner, MCoE PAO /

FORT BENNING, Ga. – The 2017 Gainey Cup wrapped up its third day of grueling physical and mental demanding events.

The competitors have been pushed to their limits throughout the past 72-hours with limited sleep, rations and down time. The cumulative effect of the mental and physical demands has not stopped any of the teams from pushing forward to seek the title of ‘Best Scout Squad’ in the Army.

Tonight’s scores, along with the Final Charge at Harmony Church’s Brave Rifles Field, will determine who the competition winner is.

The current standings going into Day-4 are as follows:

2017 Gainey Cup Day 3 Standings

To see more in-depth coverage of the Gainey Cup visit Fort Benning TV and to see high-res photos for downloading visit Fort Benning Photos.

To follow live coverage of tomorrows events on Facebook, like and follow us at Fort Benning MCoE and on Twitter at Fort Benning.

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