A tribute to Fort Benning Emergency Responders

(Photos by Partick Albright, MCoE Command Photographer)

(Photos by Patrick Albright, MCoE Command Photographer)

By Jose’ Marrero, Director of Special Projects, Columbus Technical College /

FORT BENNING, Ga. – You are committed to do the challenging and extremely stressful work that others cannot do or will not do.

You protect and serve those who protect and serve our Nation. You preserve good order, no matter the risk. You put yourself in harm’s way every day. You remain watchful at night so others can rest peacefully. You are willing to face indescribable challenges with honor, skill, and courage.(FORT BENNING, Ga) The 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment teamed up with Emergency Management Services, 911, Martin Army Community Hospital and the Fort Benning Fire Department for mass casualty training (MASCAL) Oct. 19, 2015 near Lawson Army Airfield. (Photos by Patrick A. Albright/MCoE PAO Photographer)

Perhaps you have endured the loss of comrades both here and in other cities; yet, you remain strong and stalwart.

Despite of what is obvious, hitherto many don’t notice that even your mere presence, which serves as deterrence, prevents emergencies and crises, enabling us to go on with our lives. So these modest lines are not so much about what you do; they are about who you are: unnoticed heroes!

Fort Benning Emergency RespondersAlthough we can never completely convey our profound gratitude for all you do, and the emotional roller-coaster that you and your families endure, we hope you accept our sincerest expression of gratitude.

Today we pause, reflect, and say:  Thank you!

Thank you for your sacrifices. Thank you for dealing with unimaginable challenges. Thank you for saving lives. Thank you for leaving your sons, daughters, and spouses back home each day as they pray for your safe return, knowing full well that you are going out to risk your life while defending and protecting others.

And thank you for enduring the pressures of a profession that leaves very little room for error and calls for selfless acts of courage, to include laying down your own life so others may live!

Thank you!

Marrero served in the U.S. Army for 31-years.

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