Maneuver Performance Triad kicks into gear with opening of new Benning Wellness Center

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FORT BENNING, Ga. – A new Army Wellness Center on Fort Benning opens Jan. 30 and will focus on the Maneuver Performance Triad to implement a comprehensive fitness strategy that emphasizes the performance and health of Soldiers, family members, trainees and DA civilians.

“The (MP3) training, coupled with the grand opening of the Army Wellness Center, will create a tremendous synergy toward healthy lifestyles for all and increased performance for our maneuver tactical athletes,” said Col. Kyle Feger, Chief of the Maneuver Center of Excellence Human Performance Office.Performance Triad Logo

The Army’s Performance Triad is a comprehensive plan and holistic approach to improve readiness and increase resilience through public health initiatives, education and leadership interaction.

The Performance Triad focuses on sleep, activity and nutrition, and its aim is to provide Soldiers with the tools and knowledge to achieve high levels of performance as a professional Soldier athlete.

The Triad is the foundation for a healthy lifestyle and a partnership among Soldiers, families, leaders, health teams and communities to promote readiness, resilience and responsibility.

On Fort Benning, the Performance Triad, aptly referred to as the Maneuver Performance Triad, is focused on a core group of personnel and activities.

“The Maneuver Performance Triad strategy seeks to improve health, enhance performance, and increase resilience across three major populations at the MCoE,” said Feger.

“MP3 delivers incremental lifestyle changes through improved sleep, activity, and nutrition for our permanent party cadre, transient students/trainees, and our family members,” added Feger.

Sleep is critical in achieving optimal physical, mental, and emotional health, however, the demands of one’s job often make it difficult to get sufficient sleep. Getting enough sleep starts with learning and practicing good sleep habits.

There are many ways in which Soldiers can eliminate sleep distractors and practice proper sleep hygiene to ensure that optimal, healthy sleep is achieved.



Physical fitness and activity are crucial to ensuring Soldiers perform as elite athletes. Practicing principles of safe and effective training are vital to maintaining physical readiness, preventing injuries, and improving general health.

The Triad informs Soldiers and leaders on how to practice safe running, use proper resistance training techniques, prevent overtraining, and increase daily physical activity among other key topics.



Eating or fueling for performance enables top level training, increases energy and endurance, shortens recovery time between activities, improves focus and concentration, and helps leaders and Soldiers look and feel better.

For Soldiers, it is especially imperative to build an eating strategy that will complement the requirements of their mission.

The Triad’s guidance on nutrition for performance teaches Soldiers about the key nutrients needed to complete mission tasks, describes refueling techniques, and details strategies for creating a nutrition plan.

“For most of us, the sleep and nutrition components of the triad occur at home, so implementing the triad as a family unit is the key to success,” said Feger.

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  • I have been attending the AWC for a few months now and I love the information and support that you receive specifically based on you! I have been wanted to reply to the email surveys that I receive after each visit, however, I can never get this link to open is there another link that I could use or an email that I can request a survey from. They are doing excellent work and I want to be sure that this program will continue to support soldiers and families. I am a spouse of a retiree and appreciate that I am able to take advantage of this facility.
    Lynda Morgan


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