Soldier for Life – “A true connect phase marketing success”

SFL-TAP Website shot

SFL-TAP Website shot

By Bruce W. Derdoski, Transition Services Specialist /

(FORT BENNING, Ga.) — In July 2016 the Fort Benning Soldier for Life -Transition Assistance Program team began the process of revitalizing and intensifying the way we connect with Soldiers, employers, and educators.

Our focus for this effort was how all stakeholders could connect using one platform. The major area of emphasis for our effort was a complete and total overhaul of our website.

In August 2016, in partnership with the Fort Benning Public Affairs Office, our website underwent an overhaul.  Over the last several months valuable enhancements and significant changes have been made. These changes and enhancements are a direct result of continuous feedback received from our stakeholders and through data analysis using our robust website analytics.

We started tracking our website visits and other analytics on September 19, 2016. At the time of this article we have seen a total of 2,025 new/unique users to our website. We have realized almost a 50% split of new vs. returning visitors telling us that the visitors to our site are finding enough value to return multiple times. We have also seen a global reach with users registered from as far as Iraq and South Korea.SFL-TAP Website shot

Soldiers go to our Career Announcements page to review & apply for open positions. These positions are posted at the request of our employee partners. All of the open positions posted to our Career Announcements page are vetted by the Transition Service Specialists.

The open positions posted there are legitimate open positions with the company. We do not post announcements for recruiters or staffing agencies. Through Analytics we are able to see how many times a particular announcement has been viewed allowing us to articulate ROI and start the discussion of “out of “X” number of openings how many applied, were interviewed, and hired”. It also allows us to start the dialogue with our partner employers on the caliber of Soldiers they are connecting with.

Our Upcoming Events page allows everyone to see what partners are registered and when they will be at the SFL Center so they can plan accordingly and prepare themselves to make their personal connection. All visitors to our Upcoming Events page can also identify and register for additional “pick me up” seminars.

These additional seminars are designed to be a part of what we call the “Advance Phase”. These build upon and hone the skills that the Soldier identifies and utilizes throughout their transition. These additional seminars include: Targeted Resume’ Writing, Networking, Interviewing Techniques, and Boots to Suits (formerly known as Dressed for Success). We currently partner with Still Serving Veterans, Goodwill Industries, and the Men’s Wearhouse in providing these additional seminars/resources here at the SFL Center.

Our Employer Resources page is truly a one stop Connection shop for our partnering employers.  On this page partnering employers have the ability to:

  • Get more information about all the valuable resources available through a partnership
  • View and register for upcoming events; Connection Events, Hiring Events, Employer Tours, Info Sessions,          and Advance Phase Seminars
  • Send us their open Career Announcements and have them posted to our Career Announcements page
  • Provide us feedback and submit questions via our email inbox

The other pages on our website are also packed with resource rich content.  These pages consist of our Homepage, Contacts, FAQ, the national SFL-TAP, Event Story Boards, and our Facebook pages.  Here our visitors can connect with us through email and phone, can look-up other SFL-TAP Centers around the globe, and connect with us on Facebook.

For more information about how to make a personal connection with the Fort Benning SFL-TAP Center or about how to take advantage of the valuable resources we offer call (706) 545-2308/2309, visit our SFL-TAP web page, email us, or stop by the SFL-TAP Office.  #betteratbenning

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