Fort Benning Transition Program equals success

Fort Benning Soldiers preparing to leave the Army speak with Jacob Loyd (center), an NCR representative, during a weekly connection event at the Soldier for Life Center. (Photo by Bruce Derdoski)

Fort Benning Soldiers preparing to leave the Army speak with Jacob Loyd (center), an NCR representative, during a weekly connection event at the Soldier for Life Center. (Photo by Bruce Derdoski)

By Bruce W. Derdoski Jr., and Kevin W. Aker, Transition Service Specialists /

The Fort Benning Soldier for Life-Transition Assistance Program arguably has the most advanced and aggressive connection program in the Army. 

Our connection program supports transitioning Soldiers, their families and veterans.  Our measure of success is measured in part by testimonials from employers and Soldiers alike.  The connections made through the Fort Benning SFL-TAP Center typically lead to gainful employment for those looking to start a new career after Army service.

On November 2, 2016, John Buckley from Koch Industries wrote “but it all started with your recommendation back in March”. Mr. Buckley was referring to the connection he made with a transitioning Soldier at one of our Fort Benning SFL-TAP weekly connection events. 

The transitioning Soldier began his career with Koch Industries on November 1, 2016.  Mr. Buckley went on to write that “this makes three hires from Fort Benning in the last year”.

The Soldier that now works for Koch Industries wrote, “I was given your contact information from the individuals at the Fort Benning SFL-TAP Center with the hopes that you could be able to assist me in securing employment with one of the Koch Industries facilities in Iowa”.

Through Fort Benning’s SFL-TAP connection efforts we have directly connected 613 transitioning Soldiers who were able to achieve gainful employment at their separation throughout FY16. 

The connection process that the Fort Benning SFL-TAP uses to partner with local, national and global employers that are seeking to connect with transitioning Soldiers, their families, and veterans is very simple and can be accomplished with a little effort and research. 

Employers are strongly encouraged to attend one of our upcoming Fort Benning Employer tours which includes a Rangers in Action Demonstration, a tour of the Parachute Riggers Facility, and a tour of the Bradley and Abrams Training facilities. Throughout the tour the employers interact with transitioning Soldiers in their daily work environment and gain a better understanding of what the Soldier can potentially bring to their company’s workforce.

Employers are also encouraged to submit their open career announcements to our center through our newly developed website.  Our Transition Services Specialists vet the authenticity of the open careers and post them.  Transitioning Soldiers worldwide have been successfully utilizing our website for several months now.

The employers are then encouraged to attend one or more of our weekly connection events where they have the opportunity to interview on site and in several instances over the past year, has resulted in transitioning Soldiers being hired on the spot.

The process of connecting transitioning Soldiers with employers and employment opportunities continues to improve and evolve to meet the needs of transitioning Soldiers, families and veterans.

If you are an employer and are interested in the programs and resources we have available for you please visit or Employer Resources page.

For more information about the Fort Benning SFL-TAP Center and all the great programs we offer, please check out our website at SFL-TAP website, email us, or stop by the SFL-TAP Office located at 8150 Marne Road Bldg 9230. 

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