Thanks for the memories…Bayonet and Saber…look to the future…

Eric J. Wesley Major General, U.S. Army Commanding General /

Eric J. Wesley

Eric J. Wesley

Since 1922, the Bayonet & Saber or a similar publication, has been a key source of news and information for the Soldiers, civilians and families who live and work across all the many components of Fort Benning.

Our community has relied upon the paper for local news as well as updates on events across the Army and the world that impact Fort Benning.

For almost a century, this publication has adapted many times as the installation grew and received a variety of new missions. The paper changed its name six times, most recently from the Bayonet to the Bayonet and Saber in 2013 to reflect the return of the Armor School.

Today, the paper is making yet another change; one that will leverage the nature of a changing world and a desire to better serve our community. This publication marks the final edition of the Bayonet & Saber as a printed newspaper. It also marks the launching point for the paper’s transition to a fully online publication.

This transition will ensure the legacy of the Bayonet and Saber continues many years into the future and will allow our community to access it online anytime, in real time, from anywhere in the world. We look with anticipation toward the new One Force, One Fight!

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