Fort Benning boxers successfully defend Ballroom Boxing title

Doreon, Moss, Fort Benning, left, faces off against West Point's Ryne Hicks in a Ballroom Boxing bout Oct. 15. (Photo Credit: Patrick A. Albright)

Doreon, Moss, Fort Benning, left, faces off against West Point’s Ryne Hicks in a Ballroom Boxing bout Oct. 15. (Photo Credit: Patrick A. Albright)

By Lindsay Marchello, Bayonet & Saber /

FORT BENNING, Ga., (Oct. 19, 2016) — Fort Benning, Fort Drum, Fort Jackson and West Point boxers competed for the title belt at Ballroom Boxing Oct. 15 at Uchee Creek Army Campground.

The evening event featured 18 bouts, with Benning Boxers competing in 14 of the fights.

Boxing fans came dressed in their finest 1940s costumes and enjoyed food, drinks and cigars while listening to the Maneuver Center for Excellence Jazz Band. There was also a betting booth and a photo booth with 1940s era props.

Al Gelineau, the Director of Family and Morale, Wellfare and Recreation, was the announcer for the event.
Boxer Logan Burns, the 2016 All Army Boxing Champion, explained that the Benning Boxers spent a lot of time preparing for the competition.

“I spent lots of hours in the gym. About three weeks ago we started sparring every day,” said Burns. “I think all our fighters are going to do great today because of all the sparring we did.”

Burns explained that boxing is a tradition in his family and he enjoys getting the opportunity to continue that tradition.

“Winning just shows that hard work pays off,” Burns said. “I spend a lot of my free time training. When I get off work I go straight to the gym, then I go to bed and do it all again the next day.”

Coach Joseph Creer, one of the coaches for the Fort Benning boxing team, explained that the team gave it their all leading up to Ballroom Boxing.

The guys came in every day,” said Creer. “They sweated and sometimes they bled. Our team is gritty and they have a lot of heart.”

Creer wanted to see his boxers challenged at Ballroom Boxing to prove to themselves that training paid off.

Alakai Richardson, Doreon Moss, Jacob Chandler, Anthony Pierce, Jason Carbajal, Hana Moorscaudle, Logan Burns, Prince Ellerbe, Bryce Barnes, Dianaya Nodarse, Les Sandusky, Michael Terrell, Kimberly Davis, Henry Satterwhite, Sirtrayvis Lamar, and Reginal Copeland all represented Fort Benning, and were trained by Creer and Donnie Bellflowers.

The Benning Boxers ended the night with five victories and were able to defend the title belt for the third year in a row.

Anthony Pierce, Prince Ellerbe, Les Sandusky, Henry Satterwhite and Reginald Copeland all won their fights, with Sandusky and Satterwhite winning by knockout.

Pierce was the first boxer to win his bout for Fort Benning and explained that he was just representing installation and his team.

“This is sportsmanship at it’s finest,” Gelineau said.

During intermission, Burns took the opportunity to propose to his girlfriend, Shelby Erstad in the ring. She said yes.

“Proposing was almost scarier than fighting,” Burns said.

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