Doughboys train for Sept. 10 season opener

The Fort Benning Doughboys work on their blocking and tackling skills. (Photo by Lindsay Marchello)

The Fort Benning Doughboys work on their blocking and tackling skills. (Photo by Lindsay Marchello)

By Lindsay Marchello, Bayonet & Saber /

Are you ready for some football? The Fort Benning Doughboys are gearing up for another season of football.

“This is really a learning experience for most of us. A lot of us just come out here either for the love of football or have played football before,” said Sgt. Curtis Joel, 1st Battalion, 19th Infantry Regiment, who is a linebacker for the team.

“This is huge for us. We get the opportunity to live out our childhood dream and go out into a stadium like a “Friday Night Lights” kind of thing and have a lot of fun,” Joel said.

The Doughboys train at least three days a week until the first game. Afterward, they ease up on the frequency of training. Training includes individual and team drills.

“We try to practice frequently leading up to our first game, and after our first game we try to slow down things a lot, because we all have day jobs and families,” Joel said.

Joel explained that the players juggle between their daily responsibilities on post and their responsibilities with the Doughboys.

“We all wake up at 5 a.m. and we do physical training, so after that PT session it’s us trying to stay focused on our day job while still trying to maintain some kind of mental fortitude and physical rest, so after the day when we get out there, we can do our best,” he said.

“The goal for this season is to go undefeated and beat Faulkner,” said Coach Allen Meek. “We are pushing for an undefeated season.”

Meek explained that the players have to bring ability and football common sense to achieve a victory.

“Their strongest point right now is their offense. Our quarterback is very good. We have a good receiver. I think the offense is really good, and the defense is coming along,” Meek said. “They got some work to do, but that’s what we are here for.”

“Anybody can still come out. We have guys just showing up who want to play, and if they are good then they can beat someone else out,” Meek said.

The Doughboys will play their first game of the season against Texas A&T at 11:30 a.m. Sept. 10 at the Doughboy Stadium.

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