Sugar Bert Boxing brings qualifier to Columbus

A variety of ages and weights will be able to compete in the Sugar Bert Title Belt National Qualifier Aug 27-28 at Columbus State University.

A variety of ages and weights will be able to compete in the Sugar Bert Title Belt National Qualifier Aug 27-28 at Columbus State University.

By Gerald Williams, Bayonet & Saber /

The Sugar Bert Boxing Title Belt National Qualifier will be held Aug. 27-28 at Columbus State University.

“The event will lead up to the championship series which will be held at Disney World in November,” said Bert Wells, promoter for the boxing tournament.

According to Wells, there have been two qualifiers in the United States already at Branson, Missouri, and Punta Gorda, Florida. This will be the last qualifier before the national championship.

“The event, done in collaboration with USA Boxing, allows all boxers to compete in the qualifiers,” said Wells. “The ones who win the belt at the qualifiers will advance to the championship series where they will face others who won the belt in other qualifiers.

“Runners-up who don’t win the belt during the qualifiers, however, will still be able to battle it out with other runners-up from qualifiers in the championship series,” said Wells.

“It’s a double – elimination type of tournament,” he added.

“Boxers can participate from ages 8 and up,” said Wells. “They’ll all be competing within their age and weight bracket. Novices will box against each other while more experienced boxers with 10 bouts or more will box each other.”

Wells said participants can sign up at, click on events and click on the Columbus, Georgia, link. Anyone who wants to participate must register with USA Boxing and pay a one-time $35 registration fee. Same day or walk-in participants will be accepted.

Wells said that people from all around the world will be participating. 1st Lt. Logan Burns, an All-Army boxing champion stationed at Fort Benning, will be in attendance.

“We’ve got people from the Grand Cayman Islands, Bahamas and Australia who all wish to take home the belt. We’re looking forward to some great matches.”

“I don’t think Columbus has seen an event of this magnitude, when it comes down to boxing,” said Wells.
“There’s going to be about 700 boxers and 300 coaches at the event, not counting spectators.

“This is the last chance that boxers will be able to get to the championship, because if they can’t win in this last qualifier, then they can’t advance. That’s why this event is so big.”

Wells also explained the boxing event can add experience to a boxer’s repertoire.

“Gary Antuanne Russell, a boxer in this year’s Olympics, actually came through our program at our tournament last year,” said Wells. “He got that type of experience that catapulted him to be able to compete in the Olympics.”

The national championship will be held Nov. 18-21 in Kissimmee, Florida.

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