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Garrison Commander message 7/13/16

Fort Benning Housing Villages of Benning
Col. Andy Hilmes, Fort Benning Garrison CommanderBy Col. Andy Hilmes, Garrison Commander /

Deciding where you want to live at a new duty station is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. More than any other factor, it will impact your level of happiness and that of your family’s during your tour of duty.

The factors bearing upon a well thought decision are many: affordability, the cost of electricity and utilities, the required deposit or down payment, lawn care, commute time/ability to navigate access control points, criminal activity in the surrounding area, quality of the supporting public school system, the status of the housing market, ability to resell a home in two or three years, your ability to be a long-distance landlord, reliability/quality of a property management company, your ability to maintain a home and handle emergency repairs, your anticipated retirement date, accessibility to health care and the things you enjoy doing in your down time.

As you get ready to arrive at Fort Benning I want you to make the right, informed choice on where you decide to call home during your time here.

#betteratbenning is designed to do that for you – arm you with the facts, provided in one centralized location, to evaluate the Fort Benning community.

Having called Fort Benning home for several years, I am convinced Fort Benning provides the optimal housing options and quality of life compatible with MOST military family lifestyles, to include geographical bachelors and bachelorettes. There is no “one-size fits all” solution for everyone, but at Fort Benning I think we come pretty close.

So, take a look through #betteratbenning and consider some of the factors I mention above. More importantly, once you evaluate what Fort Benning offers, compare it to other communities you are looking at using these same criteria.

I’ll let you arrive at your own conclusion, but I think you’ll see that life is truly #betteratbenning!

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