Personnel Security Program – Inprocessing with your security manager

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Did you in-process with your unit S2 or security manager when you reported to Fort Benning?

If you didn’t, or if you believe there is any possibility that the S2 or security manager has not inprocessed your records in the Joint Personnel Adjudication System, then you should visit the security manager.

Why might this be important to you? The Department of Defense is currently in the process of transitioning security clearance data from JPAS to an entirely new database, Joint Verification System within the Defense Information System for Security.

The transition of Army records has not yet begun; however, it’s scheduled to take place before October. If your unit is not “owning” or “servicing” your security record in JPAS, at the time of the transition to JVS, then you are at risk of losing your security clearance eligibility.

This means that you may have to undergo the investigation and adjudication process all over again, in order to have your eligibility reinstated.

We strongly encourage everyone to contact the unit S2 and verify positive accountability in JPAS. You will need to provide your full SSN for a JPAS record query. This can be done over the phone or via properly marked and encrypted email communications.

Remember, if you send an email inquiry that contains your personal information, be sure to encrypt the email and identify it as For Official Use Only before transmitting it. For more information on the JVS transition, contact your S2.

SETA Training for security managers

If you are new S2 or security manager and require the FRAGO directed training, contact your Security LNO or Deborah Kearns at 706-545-025, for information on dates and times for the training.

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