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Myth: Never eat Red-coded items.
Fact: Go for Green(r) does not suggest that you eliminate Red-coded foods. In fact, eating Red-coded foods and beverages in small amounts or occasionally will not degrade performance significantly. Go for Green(r) encourages you to eat fewer Red-coded foods, whatever dietary pattern you start from.

Myth: You should only eat Green-coded foods.
Fact: Go for Green(r) 2015 is not “all or nothing.” It encourages you to improve by eating more Green-coded foods and less Red-coded foods. Depending on where you start, try to improve your ratio of Green- and Yellow-coded foods to those that are Red-coded.

Myth: I can’t use any other regimen with the Go for Green(r) 2015 system.
Fact: Go for Green(r) 2015 can complement virtually any performance-enhancing or weight-loss eating program. In fact, it can make it easier to get the results you’re looking for.

Myth: Go for Green(r) 2015 promotes eating a low-sodium diet.
Fact: Go for Green(r) 2015 informs you of the sodium content of foods. If you’ve been advised to follow a low-sodium eating plan, you should look for low-sodium food choices. But Go for Green(r) 2015 doesn’t encourage everyone to eat less sodium; moderate- and high-sodium food choices may be appropriate if you engage in multiple hours of physical activity or operate in extreme environments.

Myth: Go for Green(r) 2015 encourages diners to choose Green-colored foods only.
Fact: Go for Green(r) 2015 encourages diners to eat more Green-coded items. This includes lean meats, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and many tasty dishes that combine whole foods.

Myth: All green foods are Green-coded items.
Fact: Many green-colored vegetables fall into the Green category. However, that may not always be the case; it depends on how they’re prepared. If they’ve been fried, covered in cheese or sauces, etc., they might not be Green-coded.

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