DoDEA to implement new college and career standards

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In an effort to increase the competitiveness of its students and ensure their future success, the Department of Defense Education Activity is implementing new “college and career ready” standards.

According to the DoDEA’s website, these standards will help prepare students for success in college and their careers. They will also present the students with better opportunities to develop academically.

In addition to employing these “college and career ready” standards, the DoDEA is restructuring at the administrative level. The Georgia/Alabama District of DoDEA will be referred to as the DoDEA Americas Southeast District. It will consist of Fort Knox, Kentucky, Fort Campbell, Kentucky, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, Fort Rucker, Alabama, Fort Benning, Georgia, Fort Stewart, Georgia, Fort Jackson, South Carolina and Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort schools in South Carolina.

Dr. Christy Huddleston currently holds two tittles She is the superintendent of the Georgia/Alabama District of DoDEA and acting director of the Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools/the Department of Defense Dependents Schools-Cuba. She will now serve as the superintendent of the DoDEA Americas Southeast District. Her office will remain on Fort Benning.

Dr. Lisa Coleman, the Georgia/Alabama District assistant superintendent, will act as the Georgia/Alabama community superintendent for the DoDEA Americas Southeast District. Glenn Hughes, the operations manager, will serve as the Southeast District chief of staff.

“This RSA, or Restructuring for Student Achievement is going to help focus our resources for students,” explained Coleman.

Because of the RSA, Fort Benning schools will be able to bring in more Instructional Support specialists, or individuals who specialize in different fields such as language arts, social studies and technology, Coleman said.

Previously located in Peachtree City, the instructional support specialists will be here at the Southeast District office and under the direction of Dr. Huddleston, she continued.

“The restricting plan is putting the district offices closer to the school and removing some of the layers from our DoDEA headquarters. We’re evolving and it’s a continuous process,” added Hughes. Hughes will work with Dr. Huddleston to provide guidance within the DoDEA Americas Southeast District.

Coleman said that she and the rest of the administration have responded well to the changes.

“This information was clearly communicated to us from headquarters. There haven’t been any secrets,” she explained.

“It’s a learning experience for all of us and we’re happy to have this opportunity,” Coleman added.

For more information, individuals should contact the superintendent’s office at 706-545-7276.

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